Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Have you ever thought about being a comedian because you are too funny? Hahaha Sum Dum Gai!

funny you should say that. my close buddy and writing partner melinda some how got us to be part of the Latino Laugh Festival, two nights, at the IOWEST theater in Hollywood. we were to suppose to do comedic spoken word. the first night we had some hecklers cuz they dumb broad and her lit friends thought they were seeing a George Lopez show... dumbass should have known its a FESTIVAL. there were tons of shows going on those three nights! so the broad heckled me, and i stopped the show and mad dogged her for a bit until melinda went.. "uh... alfie..." and i went "oh .. fuck.. yea.. ok' and went on with the show. i was so close from jumping off the stage and beating her ass... that's when you know, i am not going to be a good comedian.

Ask me anything... maybe i will answer. buahaha!

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