Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I know your artist mind gets noisy sometimes...mine sure does...what do you do to calm the fury? :)

ohhhhh man.. i am having a hard time my self these days. i tried that Artist Way shit, you know, writing three pages every morning. couldn't do it.

i tried meditation; chanting, praying, in silence... nothing. i know it is practice and all so i haven't achieved that stage of stillness.

the only thing, for me, is physical activity... running. going to the gym, biking. anything that gets my endorphins running is crucial for me in clearing my head. that's how i meditate. that is how i pray. that is how i feel closer to my self.

so yes... like you..i amfiguring it out =)

Ask me anything... maybe i will answer. buahaha!

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