Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lomography Part 2:

i just got word from the West Coast Regional Manager of Lomography that they are FINALLY going to be opening a Los Angeles store. i am soooo happy!

this year, i have learned the concept of detachment. i have lost a harddrive. i have accidently reformatted a card and lost pictures in my memory card. i have been tested in the idea of trying to keep to remember the memories with other ways such as writing about them, or drawing the visuals.

but let's face it, the bottom line is that i WISH i had a copy of them, and better yet, i wish i had a print out of them.

and that is what the hidden beauty behind shooting with film: you are forced to develop the film in order to see the imagery. you actually have a hard copy of the picture; something tangible in between your fingers; a memory with atoms for a person to keep for a moment time. not just a bunch of nothingness forming a jpg that is passed along computer to computer.

here are some more pics i took with my Lomo Fisheye. the model is nina m., 4 years old, having fun with my animal masks.

I can't wait for the store to open in LA in December. In a city sprawl expanding wider than the eye can see, resides some of the most creative souls in the city of Lost Angels. One more outlet IS needed.

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