Sunday, October 18, 2009

in pursuit of happiness

i realize that it's the little things. it's being able to share a laughter with out typing "LOL" and really hearing bellies fill with air, exhaling in a fit of giggles.

that happiness is being able to make eye contacting and utilizing muscles in the neck for you to look forward, and not bent down on it's pivot, eyes strained at, thumbs punching delayed thoughts, with words precipitated to it's basic form to initiate a pseudo real time conversation.

and to share moments like these:

Adam's Going Away Party

our friend adam has been signed up for adventure: he's been hired as their head special effects guy for Lost and has re-located to Hawaii til they close out the season.

i hate goodbyes, but booooooy, do i love see-ya-laters!

Rani D.'s night "Soul in the Park" at Footsie's

On Figueroa and 28th Street

We are a motley crew of sorts

maya and adam

pic by maya

what? water can pass for vodka tonics

the boys didn't understand why i took a pic of their bottom half... it was an interesting shot =)

patrick is not a believer but soon he and others will be glad that someone had a camera

good luck, adam!!!!

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