Sunday, October 18, 2009

You Want to Be Starting Something" Group Artshow at Beatrock Long Beach

Michael Jackson's passing has affected most of us in different levels and angles. One friend put it eloquently, "Despite of the last crazy 15 years of his life, his music has been with me through out my life. There was a Michael Jackson song in every milestone of my life."

I too found that true. Though he never saw this side of the television reflection, I saw him grow up, get married, get divorce, have children, battle trouble, gather himself to prepare for the biggest comeback, only to leave this realm in a grand exit, synonymous to the energy he graced the stage. We will always remember where we were when we found out the news.

It is only fitting that we paid tribute to our icon. Regardless how we felt about him towards the end, we all felt something for him. So with that, Beatrock held a King of Pop themed art show

Jerrell Conner- Prints Available (Small for $25, Large for $50. Printed on watercolor paper and each numbered, signed, and customized.)

Manila Ryce, Original, Framed Watercolor on Paper

Mike Virata, Acrylic on Canvas, Not for Sale (this baby belongs to me!)

Aidger34, Mixed Media on Canvas, "You Ain't Shit If You Haven't Died in the 09"

My Submission, "I'm Asking Her To Change Her Ways."

Stuter, Mixed Media

Timoi, Michael's Gift

Feliciart, Portrait, Canvas Print, $500

Arty Perez, Watercolor on Paper, framed, $150

Arty Perez, Watercolor on Paper, Framed, $150

Arty Perez, Watercolor on Paper, Framed, $250

In typical stuter fashion; all last minute. lol

Animator/Illustrator/Artist Anthony Montemar and a really really cool shirt

Anthony being stalked by Nic Cowan, Animator/Artist/Designer

Manila Ryce, David Araquel, and Matt Nailit

Noel and DJ Phatrick

at the end of the night, Nina gets tired and she becomes my legwarmer

Rising Suns, Josh and Jay Jimenez... a force to look out for

Lainey and Dave of Beatrock. oh and Brodee too =)

Jerrell Conner enjoying a plate of the Park's FInest

vennie of beatrock and me.. thank you for letting me curate another show =)

yet another lovely show at beatrock.

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