Monday, August 07, 2006

wedding story clause

so i won't tell you how faith and b's wedding was because a. there is no justice put on how dope it was b. there is not pictures to show any of us getting drunk and don't know them!!! (not that you know any of my ohter friends but they make great picture stories.)

but who you do know is my godson

vanessa and jason had to leave abruptly because malcolm had an accident. ..

from vanessa's email this morning:

while we were at the wedding, my mom and sister gave him a bath and tried to get him ready for bed. as my sister sat with him in the tub, my mom shut off the water and reached for his towel. but malcolm loves the water so much he dove for the spigot and busted his eye on the plunger. there was a cut on the inside of his eyelid and he bled a little bit. my mom freaked out and called the paramedics and had him taken to west hills ER. We met them there and after 2 and a half hours, were told that luckily, he had only cut his eyelid and his eyeball was A-OK. So he's got this killer black eye and some antibiotic eye drops, but he will be fine. Thanks for the calls and concerns!!! he's up and about and ready to put another eye out...

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