Monday, August 07, 2006

i got sunshine... on a cloudy day...

it is abnormally (but wonderfully nice) cloudy today in LA. yesterday was gorgeous- bright blue skies, a cool breeze. it was a perfect sunday for brunch at CJ's and a Sunday drive to Venice Beach. (pictures of that coming soon.)

but today, it's cloudy. and i am not one to complain. in fact, i love it. some people don't like grey days. to me, it's embracing. almost like a cool hug from the sky.

and shit, at least it is not like the heat wave we had a few weeks ago. whew...

today is a perfect day to walk over to the 3rd street farmer's market, buy an almond biscotti, some fuji apples, and a latte. or maybe some curry at the malaysian restaurant, the banana leaf. it may not be a sunny hot day where people are looking for a good time, being active, throwing the "energy" around. this is one of those days you breathe in, reflect, and smile, reminding ourselves that life is a beautiful thing, if you let it be.

in the antarctic, its way too cold for water droplets to hang around the air. these pics from yahoo are rare cloud formations in the antartic. normally, clouds water in gas formation condensed, droplets held in the air before it gets too heavy and it rains.

these clouds are formed by crystals of ice being caught and moved by a jet stream in the air and the sunlight in dusk illuminating them. it forms a beautiful mother of pearl-like opulance.

pictures from

i personally like clouds that remind us something bigger...

photographer unknown

speaking of "love written in the sky", faith and b got married this weekend in the beautiful calamigos ranch in malibu. the wedding was so touching, it made cynical bastard phloe cry.

taken from my toy cell phone camera

which i need to replace soon because apparently, my nose disappears when i take pic with it...

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