Sunday, January 22, 2006

what the pho?
I am slowly waking up. Slowly trying to rub the disorientation from my eyes. Last night, I had pho and vietnamese iced coffee last night. The liquid crack kept me up way into the morning. 5am that is.

And here I am, trying yet AGAIN, to design these logos. I am fixed on the idea of not leaving the house until I get my rough draft sketches done. I played hookie for the last few days and now my liver is acting up. And anybody who knows me knows that my liver is my indicator of anxiety. Most people have an inner whisper that tells them to do the right thing. I tend to forego on the whisper which leads to my inner yell, which happens to be my liver.

There is no scientific explanation here. Its just that my gut feels toxic. Its beyond "what I ate last night." it's intuitive.

Just watched the end of the philadelphia/minnesota game. Scored tied, end of the fourth quarter. Ten seconds to go. Iverson gets the ball. It leaves his hands on the last second, making the winning shot at .2 seconds. 86 to 84, philadelphia wins. DESPITE of the 15 point deficit.

That is what I am saying. Coming up from being behind. My last post, I had said "broke as fuck but rich in life." I know what it is like to just earn a paycheck. And I learned what it is like to live my life with passion. These lessons come in an exact order.

1. Learn what it is like to pay dues and be hungry.
2. Learn what it is like to earn a paycheck, be rich, and feel empty.
3. Learn what it is like to break the sociall-accepted rules and live a life feeling full but starting over.
4. Learn what it is like to pay dues, be hungry, but life a life feeling full.
5. Learn how to earn a paycheck, be rich, and feeling full by breaking social-accepted rules.

2 years ago, I was at a 15 point deficit.. Now I am at 5 points deficit. Not too shabby.

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