Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This is the year when a good amount of friends are turning 30.

This is also the year where I probably will be the brokest. ok, maybe that was a drama statement but with all the travelling and wedding dates, i am definitely going on a pocketbook diet.

Why? Cuz everybody wants to go to hawaii. I loooooove hawaii. Don’t get me wrong. But from the amount of talk going around, it seems that everybody wants to travel this year.

At this rate, I might as well live in hawaii for the year of 2006 and meet up with all of them through out the year.

So you know what that means?
- working my toosh off so I can travel again this year
- working out my toosh so most of it can come off (ok, bad sentence structure. Let's just say I am working out extra hard this year so I can walk around in a bathing suit and not trip.)
-freelance just long enough so I can travel.

Easy right? Work hard, play hard.

the wish list
So my friend mitzi told us to write up a wish list, in the hopes to hit everything. I went to hawaii last year for arnie and christel's wedding and they were cool enough to take me places. I could probably give them this list and call it a day. But being that I have done most of the touristy things, I think I am just going to ask for the simple things.

1. learn how to surf- I want this trip to be more active than my last trip. I really love love love the ocean so I will be a happy little turtle if they just leave me at a beach everyday.

2. train escrima with my cousin who is a guro- I am getting more and more amped about training again. Back in 2003, I got a chance to train with my cousin, but it was definitely a short short session. This time around, I hope he would have time to train me, esp now that he is back home!

3. hike - apparently, mitzi says there is a place near the sacred grounds in oahu, where you hike for a couple of hours to a place where there is a 30feet 90 degree incline. Wow...

So far that is all I really care to do. Like I said, I have done all the touristy stuff so all I really want to do is chill. But I am sure the list will be added.

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