Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hoop earrings and hoodies

Black bra worn under white tank tops

Lattes, nag champa incense, and a lucky magazine

Camouflage cargos with stiletto heels

Lowered custom bikes with chrome handle bars and pink airbrushed flames

Venice beach with a baby sling carrying someone else's baby

Reading "The Artist's Way" in conjunction with "The Art of War"

Spittin' poetry over Chemical Brothers'beats while inspired by Neruda

Having dim sum with ma while texting dad "we miss you and can you bring home some indigenous textiles"

Rolling in friend's pick up truck on a sunday morning around santa monica and looking for discarded furniture that we can salvage and refinish, reconstruct, and then sell

Revisiting painful memories, to re-open wounds, so that they can finally heal right

Planning one's wedding while discussing another's divorce

Creating art with a purpose rather than creating art for art's sake or sale

Scanning old photos of family then putting them into new frames

Ginga-ing in Kelly green Sauconys, because that is the only move i know how to do. =P

Revisiting my roots and reminded that butterflies can cut deep

Blasting Les Nubians with the top down while on the way to the art store

Broke as fuck but rich in life

Missing but loving

Alone but not lonely

Hungry but well-nourished

Work in progress but complete...


the saga continues



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