Wednesday, January 25, 2006

So not cool...

Never mind the fact that I don't own cable and I watch network television- lost,desperate housewives, grey's anatomy.I got netflix so its a good balance.

And never mind the fact that I still drive a 1994 honda civic. It still runs well and I get good milage on it.

But damn those apple people for making their ipod headphones white. Why? Because my grey headphones are a true indicator that I donĂ¢??t own an ipod. I donĂ¢??t have white cords streaming down from my ears to my nano connected to my arm. My sony headphones tell people that I am still in the prehistoric realms of digiland, still fumbling to open cd cases. Still carrying a shit load of discs equal to the weight of a new born baby.

It boils down to status. "you don't have one.. But IIIIIII have one." I am a hella down ass roll dog for mac. Been down for macs since college. And this is what they are telling me."then catch up,if you are so down with us. See, pc heads are down with us. What about you?"


When I get one, Imma get a black one. Just because.

But I don't see black headphones... Damn.

Whatever.. Wear your white headphones like you wear your nike logos, your fake louis vuittons, and your ugg boots.

I'm plotting, peoples. Plotting....

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