Thursday, January 26, 2006

I haven't been creating much lately. well i have but i am not ready to show them all. i have been coccooning again. started with organizing my house, now purging any doubt. and now just coccooning and enjoying art around me. i have been reading, writing,going to shows and exhibits, and watching mad movies. sometimes, its just fun to let go of your own process and enjoy others. just be totally engrossed into a whole other world than to be consumed by mine.

The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver

This is a story about a young 20-something woman named taylor breaking out on her own for the first time. she packed up her '55 bug and headed west from her rural kentucky city. her car breaks down in cherokee land where a mysterious native woman gives her a young child. before she can even protest, the woman leaves, leaving taylor to be an instant mother to a quiet, shell-shocked three year old. Taylor later finds out that this child was abused and the rest of the story is about her learning not only to how to come to her own life, but how to be a caretaker for another. themes covered in this book are race issues, women empowerment, abuse, and immigration.

i enjoyed this book. the narration of the book is true to the character's own personality. you immediately connect with the characters to the story from the first paragraph.

i am not going to lie. this is a chic book.

3.5/5 stars

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

after her nanny insulted three of the biggest racist men in town, Lily,
a 14-year old girl helps rosaleen escape before the fuckers return to
kill her. the story takes place in the 60's in another rural town in america.
lily is also running away from verbally abusive and cold father in search
of uncovering the truth of her mother, who died when she was four. their
journey leads them to last known town where her mother went right before
she died. themes covered in this book are racism, grief, and the power of women
nurturing each other in a collective manner.

dope ass book. hella witty with entertwining bee keeping facts with the story, an on-going metaphor.

4/5 stars

Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coehlo

24 year old veronika decides to die. she isn't in pain, nor too depressed, but she certainly not happy nor is she inspired. her life was just painfully boring and she doesn't seem to have any purpose in life. so she took pills. only she survives,finds herself in a mental hospital. but because of the failed suicide, she fucks up her heart and now she only has a few days to live. imagine what goes thru your head when now you are not in control of your death but time is. themes in this book are finding purpose in life, what makes life bitter, and "waking up"

i am a huge fan of coehlo's "the alchemist" so i was pretty stoked in starting this book. coehlo has this way of having the reader question aspects in their own lives. while "the alchemist" covers destiny in life, this books covers the choice of living and dying, and "dying" while alive.

4/5 stars

my bad for the informal and lazy book reports. i know i can get carried away in my own analysis of a book and i didnt want to do it here. right now i am reading eleven minutes by paulo coehlo. it starts off "once upon a time, there was a prostitute named maria...".... yep...

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