Sunday, April 17, 2005

saturday just up and went away

its 2:50am and its amazing how time just flies. i woke up saturyday afternoon feeling groggy. almost sick. i realized that i haven't slept much in a few days and i have let the stress get to me.

in my attempts to reclaiming myself (body, mind and spirit). i began to meditate and pray more. not that i haven't done it but i have not done it with a present mind. often times, i would meditate/pray and my mind drift.

but nowadays, i have been extra sensitive to my body. the slightest imbalance upsets it and i am left with battling ailments that i could have just possilbly prevented them in the first place.

today, my body said "bitch, don't you dare take me out again. don't you dare run me ragged. i am tired. i do EVERYTHING for you and you haven't done shit for me."

so, i listened.

and i watched movies. not like "fold laundry, clean checkbook, talk on the phone" type of watching but really laying in the couch and watched "the incredibles" and "missing."

and then i talked on the phone with my sister...and then with phloe. talking like "make your tummy hurt cuz we are laughing so much type of talking."

and then i walked six+ miles. "pumping arms, powerwalking" type of walk.

got home and then chilled with the housemates. i actually listened, "away from the computer, stopped working or doing anything else distracting" talking iwth the roommates. oddly, i haven't done that with all three of them. our lives have been very busy that we haven't had that bonding type moments.

and when they slept. i practice escrima for an hour.. and then did yoga..then abs.

now i am blogging


and you know what? my body thanks me, because everying aligned for at least today.

lets see what happens tomorrow.. the next day.. this next week.

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