Sunday, April 10, 2005

3:30am on a sunday morning

while my other friends are tucked away in their cozy little beds, reliving flashbacks of post-digable-planet-reunion-show-at-the-el-rey-the-venue-down-the-street-from-me, i am, again, working.

painting the first pieces of my new series. fuck man. it's alot of damn work. i know where i want to go with this june 4th show, but to make a 15 piece body of work is enough to freak me out. i have less than two months to finish this.

more sleepless nights. more two hour naps in between working through out the day.

but at least i had a chance to catch up with my best friend miko. she is down here from seattle. her family fed me all the sushi and sashimi i wanted.

and then i had an almost 2 hour talk with carlo, just checking in with him. we used to have these crazy adventures. i may have to run up there for a few days and get adventurous again. i miss that dude and the bay.

off to work now. phase five in my painting...

oh before i go....

can i just say i looooove camille rose garcia? "Her paintings of creepy cartoon children living in wasteland fairytales are critical commentaries on the failures of the capital utopia.' fucking shit!

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