Sunday, January 23, 2005

catching up

it's roughly around 4:20am and i am up. nothing new. i tried to go to bed at around 1am after reading 30 pages of george orwell's 1984, but i was up at 3:30 tossing and turning.

i took marc's suggestion and tried to booze it up a bit. it almost felt like it was working but my slumber state turned into a drunken state, as i started to reminesce about every pass love relationship. and not with adoration, mind you. remember, i had liquor in the system so each moment felt like a track from meshell n'degeocello's "bitter" with me putting a fist in the air saying "whyyyy, god, whyyyy?". a bit dramtic,yea? ok, fine i didn't do that but i thought it added to the mood. needless to say, i need to put the bottle away. it's a reason why i am not a drinker.

so, now i am up, catching up with the blog. because several of you say to me, "how come you didn't update your blog?"

yadda yadda yadda...

tree trimming at the bergamot station
ok, so this is a bit late as christmas has been long gone.

frohawk two-feathers had some work up at the bergamot station. this show showcased established and upandcoming artists and their rendition of the holiday ornament.

the happy campers

no vodka, with vodka

frohawk's ornaments...

has balls!!!

this woman was hella interesting. she really truely believe that the puppet she made had some sort of life. scary.. phloe calls them things "jujus".

azikwe's solo show
afterwards, we headed over to the downtown area to check out azikwe's show. azikwe is this dope painter that has been making headlines in the spoken word realm and now, the art world. awesome brushstrokes, application of paint. phloe is impressed by his line work.

but of course. i take more pictures of the homies than the work...

jedi and his optical illusion trick... with me, he does the peace sign

the homies...

afterwards, there were spoken word. that is when we bolted. nothing against spoken word. but it was a long night.

ok, that is good enough for now. i will play catch up later.

meanwhile, i am gonna make some coffee and work. might as well, since i am up now...

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