Thursday, January 20, 2005

oh the lonely rants of an insomniac

i never really realized how boring my city is until i became nocturnal. it is 3:39am and i am fiendin' to go out but there is absolutely nothing to do.

everything is closed.

everybody is asleep.

it's almost being stranded on a deserted island. except i have a dvd collection, highspeed internet, and art supplies.

sure, i am productive. i get alot of shit done. but whereas the normal 9to5er takes a lunch break and roam the sunny streets of LA, getting their lattes, or spending that hour in the gym, i, on the otherhand have limited options.

i can roam the streets of LA with my can of mace and risk being mugged.

i can make my own damn lattes in my kitchen 20 feet away from me.

i can pay my membership to a 24 hour fitness and work out with.. oh let's see... NOBODY.

i can write emails to friends that they can read at work now since i would be asleep most of the day.

or i can just stop complaining and get back to my work.i am normally don't complain much but i have been antsy lately and i don't know why. cabin fever perhaps?

luckily it's edren's bday party tomorrrow so after partying it up at the little temple bar for jedi's bday,i am going to the house on haunted hill in south pasadena and just get wasted with my comrades.

it won't be so lonesome anymore.

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