Friday, October 22, 2004


blessings are all around me. this year three babies have been born in my circle of friends (two of them are twins). now three more sistas in bc are expecting. (not to mention, two more sistas got married and another one shall be married by the end of the year). two got promoted. one is returning grad school. one started writing her play. another is taking a chance and making shit happen for her long time dream to come through.

so i took a break from my series of paintings on domestic violence, and painted canvases commemorating the women in my life, their future seeds, the healing of their hearts, and the empowerment they give me just by being in my circle.

this is belle. her and my morton brother (ha! remember that?) are expecting their first child. 405 and the 5 connects in san diego, where she is from. but the both lead to los angeles, where she finally settled and found caine.

this is just a small preview on the painting i am doing of vanessa. if you know v like i do, then you know how notorious she is with smoking. she works in the harsh world of arts non-profit, so you can understand the stress she goes through on the daily.

in solidarity, i pledged to be "pregnant" with them, meaning, no drinking, no smoking, no caffiene, no coffee, nothing.

and i lasted for two days.

man that shit is hard. but then again, i am not carrying a child so it is easier for me to be lenient on myself.

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