Saturday, October 23, 2004

don't call it a comeback
vanessa asked me to teach a hip hop dance routine to an afterschool city youth group. it's for a program she coordinates called eskwela kultura, a segment of filam arts.

"dude, just say 'yes' and make my weekend relaxing."

ok, it's been yeeeeeeeeeeeeears (imagine me saying it like that) since i have done choreography. i mean, not since i dated my ex who was a professional dancer (well, maybe a couple of years, just for fun) have i even made a routine. i just took up freestyle dancing recently, when i bumped into an old dance mentor and he told me about some underground dance spots and that all the old heads are out.

AAAAAAAAND... not only do i have to teach hip hop but i gotta implement traditional pilipino moves, "funkdify" them (see, i used a term that dated myself), and teach it to them. so not only do i have to make up eight counts, i gotta go bust out some old ass PCN tapes and remind myself some dances. (i can name some muslim and igorot dances in the top of my head right now)


it's for the kids

it's for a good cause

it's money

fugg man... call me "come back kid"? we shall see


i was also asked to lay some vocals down

my friend who is a producer attended this event that i co-produced and co-hosted. that was the second time he heard me sing and like it enough to ask me if i was interested in laying down some vocals to his tracks.

hell fucking yea!!!!

we shall see


the new issue of "word is bond" is out now. so i heard. that is the journal that recently published my poem. it's cool cuz nommo is coming up and i am going to read it there. been a minute since i read something new.

been writing more. it's fun. i don't put that pressure on me like i did before. what i did is that is started writing vignettes for my screenplay. and my one woman show. muahahahahahaha! beware! don't do anything silly around me cuz i may have to write about it. that is the ups and downs of being friends with an artist.

we shall see

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