Tuesday, October 19, 2004

due to popular demand...

here are pics from the wedding. it was a truly beautiful beautiful event and i was glad to be able to witness their meeting, their courtship, to their wedding. here's to more years to come.... AND LOTS OF BABIES =)

this is the bride, cristy aka dj.

this is me with my van helsing hair do. wow, my head is huge compared to dj's

and this is the dress that makes me look like the queen of all hershey kisses. bustier + corset= my boobies squeezed till they are shelf for someone's beer stien. "can't breeeeeathe"

the cutest couple! so, i promised myself i wouldn't cry. but when don saw dj walking down the aisle, he started tearing. then dj's sister started crying. and then i started tearing, not crying. and dj whispers to don "man up to me, babe"

the cake topper... nuff said

the cake..mmmmmmm

this is christel and arnie. i will be in their wedding... IN HAWAII!!!! AAAAH YEAAA!

did i mention there was an open bar? yea, that is elvin from room to improv

awwwww, the old roommate and the college buddy

cristie from college.. notice my hair is slowly dreading up due to all the hairspray. needless to say, my hair was mad at me and decided to reclaim herself

in fact, the whole wedding was like a college reunion for me

the first dance

father/daughter dance. notice the tissue in hand...

crazy smitten productions. come to think of it... hey, kat! when are we producing a show again???

belle and caine... and baby in the womb!!!! yeaaaay, i am an auntie

cake cutting.. which means...

don is scheming...

and dj is protesting...

and they managed to feed each other cake without wearing it. though it was painfully tense...

i don't know what he did to make her jump... hehhehe

faith... raising the roof and drink in hand. apparently, she is too busy to catch any bouquet.. hehehe...

faith and b =)

carlo and me before

and then us AFTER the photographer has left. sorry, my shoes and corset were killing me. and i wanted to dance. and so did he...

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