Wednesday, October 27, 2004

so they say, who ever "they" are...

that you can tell how much the other person likes you by how much their eyes dilate.

with that said, i am soooooooooo glad my eyes are dark dark dark brown!!!

incognito, baby!!!! muahhahahahhahahahahah!


i just finished teaching the afterschool hip hop class for eskwela kultura.

(( sigh ))

earlier, i was not worried. i did a few projects in the morning before i really thought about what routine i wanted to teach them.

let me tell you. going back into making routines is like rising the dead with me. call me lazarus. i actually managed to make 8 eight counts. with that, i hopped in the shower, threw on my dickies and puma jacket and headed out the door.

i had no idea what to expect. were they going to size me up? were they going to goof off? i taught college and young adult classes, but highschool?

rolled up to the center.


they were babies! they were elementary and some junior high. COMPLEEEETELY DIFFERENT than what i expected.

it went so very well. it was so much fun and seeing kids as young as 6 years old moving along with you and dancing with you really truly astounds me. seeing the kids laugh. seeing them pop and lock. seeing them embrace hip hop. wow...

it went well. well, after the embarrassment of popping in a cd that had so many cuss words. hey, i didn't screen my music. i thought they were going to be old enough to.. well, drive.

oh and this is a cute scenario:

me: so what kind of artists do we like? what music do you listen to?

lil' 6 year old john raises hand.

me: yes, john?

john: christian music.

well there you have it.

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