Saturday, September 04, 2004

i have a deeper understanding of I MISS YOUS
my girl charmaine jane is in hawaii. winds of change led her to the island where i stayed for three years shortly after my birth. the red island of oahu. she is part of balagtasan collective so we miss organizing, producing shows, and performing with her. but sometimes, one has to step outside their comfort zone to truly understand where we stand.

dropping jewels:

cjanesaid: tell BC i say alooooha!
Alfie says: awwwww, good night
Alfie says: we miss you, charmaine!!!!!
cjanesaid: have lucid dreams
cjanesaid: no no no
cjanesaid: wait
cjanesaid: i have a deeper understanding on I Miss yous
cjanesaid: i say i don't miss you, cuz you're close to me
cjanesaid: if i say i miss you, then you're far.
cjanesaid: yeah, so that's my overstanding on I MISS YOU
cjanesaid: i dont!
cjanesaid: your spirit is with me girl!
Alfie says: :-)
cjanesaid: much aloha to you and the rest!
Alfie says: ok, then i love ya girl
cjanesaid: now have lucid dreams!
cjanesaid: i love you too

damn..i have a deeper understanding of i-miss-yous; i don't miss you because you are close to me....

then, i don't miss you charmaine, miko, i don't miss you romy,i don't miss you debbie, ro, june, arnel, ronnie, carol, jennifer, nelson, rebecca, rachel, nelito, all my nieces and nephews (cuz that right there is a full army), crystal, keoni, gabe, khalil, the whole island of hawaii, and shit, the list don't end there.

no more missing.. i just.. well, love your guts

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