Friday, September 10, 2004

"oooooh, i think you want to play
but i'm a grown ass woman, ain't got time today
i'm busy being free, you alls in too deep
my love alone is hot enough to make the concrete bleed..."
----mystic, "no competition"

"i ain't got not game
cuz baby, baby i don't play"

yes, so i have been listening to most of my female hip hop collection. i needed something to keep the fire burning in me. got motivated in finishing things and tying loose ends, plugging away project after project. my house is full of smoke from the incense burning, the air is filled with tunes a playing, my mind is full of understanding, and my heart is full of love.

i got nothing but love for my people. i have stepped aside momentarily to see their fire shine and i have nothing but gratitude to be running with the folks god connected me with.

all contributed to the chipping away of the things i don't need in my being, and adding to it the joy it so readily willing to recieve. and in the same vein, i know i do the same for them, for a make that concious effort.

so here is to the movement...

he said/she said
he said, "whatever revolution you start i'm following..."
i said, "damn. the honor is mine"

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