Monday, August 11, 2003

random thought #1
to recall? to not to recall? that is the question. boy, california is in a really fucked up situation right now. yes, i was very unhappy oh how gray davis was running california but now look at the clowns running for office? should i vote for angelyne, a porn star named mary cary, butt monkey beer presidents, or the terminator.

imma vote for gary coleman.

nah fugg dat.. imma run for office.

anybody got $3500 dollars for me to borrow?

random thought #2
the honda element is growing on me. i kinda like it now despite the fact that it looks like it would be crushed like a tin can upon impact.

random thought #3
i can smile now. i got a new face, literally

random thought #4
debating on going back to the dating scene. should i get back when i am in the middle of my self improvement/journey to self? would it be fair for me to build if i am really not looking for anything too deep yet? i mean, dont get me wrong but if i am trying to experiment with life, would it be fair if i dont give my all to someone?... what i am saying, it's DATING!! i am not looking to be a bride right now!!

random thought #5
week two of working out and my ASS GOT BIGGER. that is not good. its suppose to go the other way!

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