Monday, August 11, 2003

unconcious mutterings

when i say ____ , you say ______!

  1. Miss America:: fake smiles and boob jobs on valeditorians (how the f do you spell "valedictorians?"
  2. Cherubs:: fat angels who keep missing me. AIM BETTER!
  3. Shark Week:: when nothing else is on TV and you don't have cable
  4. Sunflowers:: 90's flower trend which seeds make my lips white and bloated
  5. Sorority:: a great way to buy some friends and be part of a homgenized group (how the f do you spell "homogenized"???)
  6. Grilled chicken: "i love chicken!!!" comment that will never lose its punch
  7. 100:: and one ways to lose a guy in ten days
  8. Tickle monster:: horrific fingers digging deep into your armpits (((squeamish)))
  9. Veronica:: is wen's friend
  10. Slurpee:: is what's needed after a night of dancing. coke slurpee mixed with cherry

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