Wednesday, August 06, 2003

oh me oh my
my ass is still at work. i just finished. it's still 8'oclock. the night is relatively young.

you know what really sucks? i have spent the whole two weeks trying to detoxify my body. been drinking water beaucoup amounts of water and getting up and peeing ever 20 minutes or so. ( my co-workers must think i have problems.)

i have not been drinking coffee. i am really proud of myself.

well, i was given a huge task at work and i find myself not being able to keep up. in fact, i find myself hella taking long naps when i used to run around like the energizer bunny.

i couldnt take it anymore. i drank 4 cups today and i busted out some major work.


i need to find another stimulant but since caffiene is drying out my skin and love is elusive... i may have to take up speed.

quick tid bit
i want to smile so bad but it hurts to damn much. i need a new face.

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