Wednesday, July 02, 2003

what i want in a man, as i quote brian:::
Nervous, digestive, endocrine, musculature, skeletal, pulmonary, and epidermal systems.

what my friend responded with:::
PorkJELLO: then again
PorkJELLO: about 40 percent don't have spines
PorkJELLO: so throw skeletal out the window
PorkJELLO: and another 30% don't have any feelings
PorkJELLO: so throw nervous out as well
PorkJELLO: and then 20 % are pretty out of shape
PorkJELLO: musculature - gone
PorkJELLO: that leaves about 8%
PorkJELLO: still not bad

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