Tuesday, July 01, 2003

10 top things that kicked ass this weekend
10. saw seattle for the first time
9. steamed clams at the waterfront
8. gameworks
7. bleeding hearts
6. ryan- for picking me up at the airport
5. pike's public market and the never-ending shops of fruits, vegetables, and flowers
4. the glass elephant pipe i bought
2. the hot guys in seattle
1. seeing my best friend miko!!!!

10 top things that sucked ass this weekend
10. the hot guys in seattle were gay. (well, it sucked for me. all that eye candy and no touchy touchy)
9. the three babies that would not stop crying in the plane
8. being in the coffee capital of the nation and not drinking enough to my heart's content
7. it was damn hot in miko's apartment. it was like she lived back in tarzana again
6. buying the seattle august issue of LUCKY, only to have found out that they had recycled los angeles' july issue of LUCKY.
5.parking in seattle. i swear, i am going to own parking lots in all major cities in america and become a millionaire
4. drivers in seattle.. man, they are worse than los angeles drivers
3. the parking ticket i got before i left for seattle
2. the backache from sitting down too long in a plane
1. saying adios to miko! =(

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