Wednesday, July 09, 2003

"...a finger pointing to the moon.
Please do not take the finger to be the moon
or fix your gaze so intently on the finger as
to miss all the beautiful sights of heaven."
- Bruce Lee

"I wouldn't point a finger to the moon. I prefer to be standing on the moon, and giving The Finger to the Earth!"
-my friend


so often we forget why we do things that we do. we work day in and day out and all we concentrate on is the toils of the job, the stress, the occasional frustration. but we forget to see the bigger picture, the greater good. we are so fixated on the everday ins and outs of living that we forget to LIVE.

this applies to not just to our 9 to 5 but in EVERYTHING we do. some of us gets caught up in the glory. other feels obligated. some feel like there is nothing better to do. people gotta remember that they are doing it because they love it and to reach a higher level in existing, they must do it to better not only themselves but others around them.

i nearly lost it last night. miscommunication and frustration was leading me to question my ability and from there it snowballed to other areas in my life. a good run on the treadmill and some reps from my back and biceps quickly kept those feelings of inadequacies at bay.

center yourselves, people. you ARE needed for the greater good. just remember that....

"Concentwate or you'll lose awl that heavenly glworeeee"

yes, i am a huge bruce lee fan...

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