Friday, June 27, 2003

lesson of the day:
ladies, even though you hang out with boys doesn't mean you all of the sudden are invincible to them. when play wrestling and attempting to execute WWE moves, use discretion. no matter how controlled your boys say they are, the people's elbow to the gut STILL MAWFAWKIN' HURTS!

new career change
imma get in the WWE industry and go as rikishi's little sister, talo fatu. my finishing move would to smash men in the balls and call it the coconut smasher. then i'll go around and bodyslam the ladies thru a table cuz they are all stupid. (except lita, she's cool... and maybe trish cuz she throws down. although i think her boobs are built to high on her chest.)

yup, bubba dudley would have a crush on me

to you:
i know you read this. so listen up. in this world we live in, i can only help you if you let me in. but you have to meet me half way. i am at the equator. meet me there...

i hope you are well.

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