Monday, June 02, 2003

thoughts of an overworking insomniac or a caffiene fiend rollin' on liquid crack

best quote i have heard all week:"oh so you want to get to know me? good. be prepared to put in the years."
best time to meditate: early in the morning when the sun i just peeping out, facing east or in a tub fully of hot water and sea salt, rosemary, and mint oils... seriously, you gotta try it.
best beverage right now:water. i am dehydrated. can you be hung over from drinking too much coffee. (note to ana and kat: i know, i know! coffee is bad for me. uuuuugh! i admit i have an addiction.
best magazine for my inspiration:juxtapose,print, and step
best time to clean the house: at 2am while you are buzzing off of coffee and blasting a combination of rage against the machine, pennywise, and aceyalone and right after brainstorming for about and hour and a half on how to conquer the world and bringing any positive person i come in contact with up with me.

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