Sunday, June 01, 2003

10 top things that kick ass:
10. "growing up filipino" book reading at the philippine consulate. one of the authors couldn't make it so i had the honor to read one of the short stories. i had a lot of fun! i had a lot of fun! thanks, paula ! ( she is in the book as well! buy the book! it's really good!)
9. creme brule at the hollywood hills cafe
8. farmers market in historic filipino town! i hardly cook and when i do cook, it is not filipino food. phloe and i grubbed! boy, did we grub! wow, so good for the soul! felt like we were home again.
7. i finally watched "matrix;reloaded" and "x-men 2"
6. pink low rider bikes =)... (it would kick ass more if nick would help me build it but fine... i will build it myself)
5. white sage mixed with nag champa
4. kadar, an 8 year old capoerista, read at nommo!
3. zero3 and sekou featured at nommo, the open mic that i co-produce and co-host! they kicked major booty!
2. performing at the "family arts festival" at the performing arts center in cerritos
1. being thanked in the liner notes in the new animators' cd, "home by now"

10 top things the suck ass
10. gray davis' proposed budget cuts for the arts. the distribution of the little money allotted to the arts suck ass too. so does laying off teachers, budget cuts in medical care, building prisons everywhere, unfair food politics, and the growing unemployment rate.
9. using consumption as an act of freedom. ( just because you can afford 4 SUVs doesn't mean you should buy 4 SUVs)
8. people who take my journal personally. haha, a few of you are hella stuffy. don't tell me you are serious and "righteous" 100% of the time. you are human. embrace it. breathe a little. otherwise, you are boring.
7. sunset blvd. been there done that. the only cool thing on there is the hustler store and that is only cuz you can see rick james kicking it with his bodyguards. just becareful talking to him. he has a way with the ladies. hahhahhaha
6. not being able to find cute sandals for the summer. shoes suck this season (okay, that was a total girlie thing to say. ewwww)
5. a target/ shopping center being built on la brea. great. more traffic
4. being direction disoriented.
3. having a craving for milk tea and finding it to be sour. gross. this further solidifies the fact that i am beginning to really hate boba
2. mercury seems to be always in retrograde for me and only me. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?
1. the weekend is not long enough

as you can see, i had a pretty good weekend. i was really striving hard to finish the "suck booty' list. i have more to be thankful for than to complain about.

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