Thursday, June 12, 2003

people who rock at this moment and time::...

EDREN- for describing me as "the air that pulls embers from the fire"
daaaaaamn! i may have to put that on my business cards

KAT- for giving me a VHS tape of "the best of freestyle". jammed packed with concert footage, videos, and interviews of your favorite freestyle artists like TKA, Cynthia, and nayobe. i think my next profession will be a freestyle artist. watch. i am going to bring it back and your teenage children will chant my name.

DAD- for helping me find a better quote for my roof repair!! i am saving 4 G's! oh and teaching me how to fight and fix cars.

MOM- for ganking me some vicodin.. just kidding. she just rocks cuz she is a diva i strive to be

MIKO- for being my empath and feeling what i am going thru even though she is in another state!

JOEL- for believing in my work and in my movement.

WENDELL- for reminding me who i am/including me in so many projects/listening to journey/and burning sage for me

VANESSA- for trusting in me

JANUS, MELANY, AND KENNEDY- cuz it is their birthday and drunk people are cool when they are benevolent and not belligerent

RYAN- for being a lush haha jk! for being patient with women and our need to chat his ear off

CARLO- for his hugs and smiles! we miss you. la brea drunken thelonious monkeys in effect!

LOVELLA- for feeding me

MOONIE- just cuz he is moonie... you don't know? then go to

that's all for now. more to come later.

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