Thursday, June 12, 2003

1. i hurt: because I am human.
2. i love: because I breathe.
3. i hate: it when I am misunderstood.
4. i cry: because I feel.
5. i fear: not finishing the work I am put on this earth to do.
6. i sadden: when I cannot take the pain away from people.
7. i hope: I reach to the next level in life.
8. i feel alone: when I am at the top.
9. i kill: softly with my song.
10. i talk: in tongues only to myself.
11. i listen: intently to what you say.
12. i break: danced when I was younger.
13. i see: things come and go.
14. i smell: like “falling in love.”
15. i taste: the sea breeze at the santa monica pier.
16. i work: to feel needed.
17. i remember: giving Eskimo nose kisses to my gramma.
18. i hold: on for dear life.
19. i hide: my hurt.
20. i pray: every hour on the hour.
21. i walk: better in pumas than in heels.
22. i drive: myself crazy.
23. i read: between the lines.
24. i burn: sage and nag champa.
25. i breathe: better when I am in love.
26. i play: the game and I play it well
27. i miss: speaking without words
28. i touch: myself from the divinyls is a good song
29. i learn: humility to get dignity.
30. i feel: intoxicated.
31. i know: what I need to know right now.
32. i said: nevermind.
33. i dream: about maharlika.
34. i have: me.
35. i want: it all.
36. i fall: but land on two feet .
37. i wait: for my visionary.
38. i need: God
39. i live: for Him and His will
40. i die: when He is ready to reunite with me.

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