Thursday, June 05, 2003

great fun:

putting a remote control rat in my hands would be great fun. my roommate will get a kick out of me. or she would probably just want to kick me... MUAHAHAHAHA >:P

status on that report:
so... it has been 10 weeks now. have we found them weapons of mass destruction yet? let me know if we did. meanwhile, i am going to work my friggin' ass off so that half of my tax dollars can go to finding them by ways of killing other folks in other countries and then "rebuilding" them.

yoga booty ballet

thinking of taking the yoga booty ballet thinga ma jigger at the swerve studio. i have seen their classes being featured in our local news for about a month now and i am pretty curious. went to their schedule of classes and i see they have other interesting classes such as booty-kicking sculpt, pilates, west african dance, and bellydancing. whoa. it's on like donkey kong...

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