Wednesday, June 04, 2003

this is my life story:

"i like you"
"really i like you too"
"you do? okay,come to think of it, i don't like you."
"oh well i still like you"
"but i don't like you"
"ok, i don't like you either."
"hmm... wanna be homies?"
"hmm.. ok.. sure."
"you know what? i like you again."
"bite me."

the end

story must be so good that it repeated five times!

somebody stop yelling "encore"

adult blues
can i be a kid again? sheesh.

remodeling and doing home repairs right now. found out to fix my roof is going to cost me $8-muddafaqin-THOUSAND-dollars. that's like a street bike! 8 laptops! 8 trips to the philippines! 32 domestic flights! i am about to strap on a toolbelt, rope me to the chimney and do it my damn self!

oh well, at least it's tax deductible... shit...

met an artist last night. real deep cat with real deep thoughts. talked a bit if philosophy, roots, and shared a beer with me (even though i don't drink). says he wants to sketch me, that he is "feelin' the eyes." word. i am down with that. hella honored to be immortalized by a talented artist. got nothing but respect for you, brotha!

uh oh
going to be taking improv classes from elvin from room to improv. i'm scurred. took improv before but his stuff is intense! wish me luck.

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