Wednesday, May 21, 2003

thought of the day:
is love love when it is not recipricated? can love be as great as it is if the other does not return it? does it have to be validated for it to exist?

Kris P Pata: true love is in the heart
Kris P Pata: and mind

deepfriedbangus: love is a choice. you can choose to love, whether or not you get the same love back... reciprocation just makes it feel a little better...
deepfriedbangus: i guess loving someone and accepting not getting it back can be a little unhealthy emotionally... cause you're always guessing...
deepfriedbangus: love is probably greater if you can do it and NOT get it back, cause it takes a lot for a human to put themselves through that.

caineinyamouf: it can exist without reciprication
caineinyamouf: example....
caineinyamouf: you can fall in and out of love with someone over hte course of a relationship
caineinyamouf: sometimes you can be completely in love with your spose.mate/lover...whatever... and them not with you
caineinyamouf: happens all the time. it's called marriage
caineinyamouf: lol

sponsays: "i got nothin but love for ya baby"
sponsays: the heavster didn't say anything about wanted love back
sponsays: he just gave it out!

kittie1527: fuck men
kittie1527: ahhaha jk
Alfie says: lololololololololololol
kittie1527: see what they make us fucking question???
kittie1527: they can't live without us. period. so why can't they wise up and get with it already!

PorkJELLO: ok, thanks morpheus

LEGEND djs: "fuck em...then leave em"

MajGoku2002: love doesnt need validation! affection needs validation...big difference
MajGoku2002: *pokes alfie* hows that?

prozac advocate: love is validated when it is felt...sometimes peeps don't know how to receive your love, does that mean it's worthless?
prozac advocate: means that though it exists, it can't be reciprocated,but none the less, it lives...from that point,a decision is to be made:
prozac advocate: to continue to allow love to grow or to let it breathe until it is out of breath
prozac advocate: i opt for the latter
prozac advocate: i don't believe in limits

ozoenlacasa: i
ozoenlacasa: love
ozoenlacasa: halle berry
ozoenlacasa: now...that love will never be reciprocated
ozoenlacasa: but I still LOOOOOOOVE her!

(((sigh))) like wendell says, "alfie, just love." ok.. so i do... i let the winds take it where it needs to be taken. just wonderin' when it will blow back in my direction.

until then...
imma conquer the world for my own.

in the meantime,
i love you...

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