Thursday, May 22, 2003

suckin' on: a mango and pineapple lollipop
sippin' on: hazelnut iced coffee
pickin' on: vanessa and her fickle cell phone
listenin' to: nothing. cd stopped and i left my headphones on so nobody would talk to me

i think i am going to bring fresh flowers in to the office every week. heard it was good feng shui. today, i have a red gerbera daisy (given to me by traci from the tuesday nights cafe and a yellow gerbera daisy from the show we did at uc irvine for a TAPS and GABRIELA NETWORK.

it was a LOVELY show. let me tell you. i don't know what it is but lately, i have been faded with the spoken word scene. i am not doggin' on it. in fact i encourage it. i encourage people to go out there, write, and share their words with others in hope to connect with other kindred spirits. but i was hearing the same things and the same intonations.

i then stopped writing cuz i found myself not writing. alot has to do because i am actually going thru this transformation and i am not done yet. so until i solidify my stance on things, you won't hear new work from me. and i am not going to bullshit you with half-written pieces on shit you already heard. but no worries. i will be sharing new pieces soon.

but last night, was ...dope. for a lack of a better word, it was dope! it felt magical, like when i first stepped behind a mic. it was genuine energy, and the exchange of energy that reminded me why i get up there and spill my guts out to the world. featured last night was alison de la cruz, zero 3, and bc, (which was basically kat, belle, vanessa, alison, melandy, johneric, and me. edren was there but he repped zero3 last night.) joi barrios was the honored performer/educator and it was peace listening to poetry from the old school. she was moved by our performance as we were to hers.

she said it was awesome to see poetry in a whole different realm in our community. back then, it was all about seeking identity. now it is in a realm where we (this generation) know where we come from and we use our voices as artillerary to speak up on our emotions, document our stories, and demand for social justice.

and we owe it all to them, to help paved the way for us, to help make sense of ourselves, to educate us, so that we can do the same for up and coming artists.

give thanks... give thanks.

should i get these shoes?

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