Wednesday, April 30, 2003

this is the most funniest thing i have seen all day

coco would kick my ass if i tried to get him one of these .

i blah you
i am tired.. spent. but loving it. saw the stage last night and it was the most beautifullest ( not a word, i know) thing i have seen in a long time. i love mics. i love the stage. i love the people i am working with. i feel safe. i feel love. i get to release all this energy and emotions out of me into the audience, and then i am no longer responsible.

lost and found
i also have been going deeper in the soul searching. i found a connection in my meditation. i used to feel distance from god. but as of late, it has clicked. how can i feel distant from god when i have opened my heart to him and he has entered? how can i feel distant from him when he is inside of me? and since i made that connection, i have been understanding more, seeing more. and i feel peace because i seek it. (thanks for the encouragement and helping me understand, t and f!)

please come see me

i love you...i don't get to say that often....

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