Friday, April 25, 2003

"he knows..."

i get a call from my sister early this morning. "he knows" were the first words that i heard. i had no idea what she was talking about. until it dawned on me...


"so what happened???"

"dad put up his fist and said ' what the hell is on your lip!!!????!!! take that damn thing off!!!'

i said,'no!'

he said,'why the hell did you get that done to your lip?"

i said,'cuz i like it! besides, alfie got her nose pierced!'

then he said,'damn kids.' and walked away"

(( cringing but smiling)) now, my dad REALLY thinks i am going to be a spinster...

too damn tired
didn't they say that the older you get, the less sleep you need? i remember staying up all night, waking up at 6am to get to my 8am class to take a midterm that i would pass with flying colors, go to work, AND go out with the friends. i can barely get my toosh outta bed. i must be getting younger.

10 top things that kicked ass this week
10. chocolate dipped macaroons at Canter's
8. Caine moved back to LA!!
7. BC and Zero3 rehearsals
6. Veggie Burgers at Weiland's Brewery
5. Trish had her baby, Katalina
4. Cree had her baby, Sarah
3. Lunch and a serving of Soul Food with DJ
2. Telling love fortunes (for fun) at Weiland's AND being 98% correct
1. Meditating at the beach with my sister

10 top things that suck ass this week
10. Having no time to do laundry so i am forced to pull out gear that i have not worn in over a year
9. This dry weather we are having
8. Forgetting your kali sticks routine
7. My damn allergies!
6. The Drunk Driving email ( although it had me wake up to a few things )
5. Feenin' for a man but remembering you vow of celibacy ( or at least until i find a GOOD man )
4. Not eating cuz the only thing available to eat is MEAT
2. The waitress we had at Weiland's on wednesday night
1. Malibu's Most Wanted wtf???? buffoonery

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