Thursday, April 03, 2003

please bare the mess

i am not good at TA-DAH design surprises. i just leave em up as i work on it. so you will be seeing the changes as we go along.

my total being is at piece. i am not so frazzled... wait... (( breathe)) ok, i lied.

i miss being an insomniac. i used to get alot of stuff done. but that is what happens when you take the coffee out of the IV that was stuck to my veins.

oh and CAINE doesn't want me analyzing about love for a whole month. he is tired of me trying to philosophize about it. haha jk. all good. i need to focus on rehearsals and some upcoming shows and events. if i can't have coffee then i am going to have to exert all my wit and brain power in order to get shit done.

"no time for love, dr. jones"-shortstop from the temple of doom

"i ain't got time for the jibba jabba"-mr. t

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