Tuesday, April 08, 2003

ok, so here is the thought of the day... if you met someone thru a mutual friend. and that person dig you and asked around for your number and this person calls you. and say this person went out with you a couple of nights .. and say this person is now going to you up, which you are happily ditching work, to go to the beach... is it a date??? ( ps, you have not kissed but you slept with each other (literally sleep) and you take silly pictures like threesome with a frog) ahem.... so is it a date?

side note: again, this is not me!

Sponsays: i'd say yes
Sponsays: but a date has more to do with INTENTION than with what you actually do

MajGoku2002: yes
MajGoku2002: or a prelude to a date

lazylarry26: haha...yeah it's a date

kittie1527: pretty much, yeah.
kittie1527: if the persons are single... is it really a big deal to define it as dating or not?
Alfie says: no, it is me being a brat

PorkJELLO: yes

caineinyamouf: yes
caineinyamouf: bone him!
caineinyamouf: lol
caineinyamouf: hahahaha
caineinyamouf: jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk
Alfie says: AGAIN, THIS IS NOT ME!!!!
caineinyamouf: riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
caineinyamouf: and I am not Caine
caineinyamouf: buuuuuuuhahahahahhaha

the real person in question
Friend: Screw you! {middle finger firmly raised at the monitor}
Friend: we're just friends....
Alfie says: BUT it is looking so cute
Friend: this all going to be so overblown...
Friend: I can feel the avalance rumbling already...
Friend: I like to think of it more of as two friends hanging out
Friend: with no strings, no prejudgments, no expectations, and no SEX!!!
Friend: could it be a prelude to something else, YES! I'll admit that...
Friend: but this is not a date. there will be no flowers, I will not be opening the passenger door for her, I will not be paying for dinner, etc. etc.
Alfie says: but you gonna sit in the sun half naked
Alfie says: hehehehehh j k jk kjkjkjkjkjkj
Friend: so I sit in the sun half naked with my sister, does that make me want to date her...
Alfie says: ew
Alfie says: lol
Alfie says: nevermind

all good, friend, i was just teasing you!!!

i demand an apology from FRIEND for warning me on aim! i ended up being right!!!!

friend: OK, now you can call a date...
friend: I just talked to her,
Alfie says: BUSTED!!!! and?????
friend: she has a picnic at the beach all planned out...


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