Tuesday, April 08, 2003

May these words fall where they are supposed to…

Young soldiers, keep pressing on. Young warriors, keep your heads high. Times may be tough and you may think all is lost. But as you know your enemy, know your arsenal. Know what you are equipped with. Know your heart, your soul, what knowledge you have acquired thus far. Know That you have means to make it another day. That though shit don’t make sense, and though you feel God is not listening to you, believe that you are at the right place and at the right time and be prepared to make yet another great revelation of life.

trust, i know the pain. i myself am trying to figure out life, making mistakes, learning from the mistakes, celebrating during victories.

It’s not easy trying to figure out life at eyelevel; you have too many obstacles blocking your view. Take the eagle’s flight and see the whole picture. You will see things with clarity when you widen your view.

And though you struggle to see clearly because of tears welling up, know this… that the lesson is going to be GOOD.

proud of you

To the young strong queen I have been talking to late at night about life, I am so proud of where you are now. You are at a good place. Remember your worth and that you set your own value. Set your standards high. And as you aspire to be that elevated level, remember to look for man just as high as your caliber. He COMPLIMENTS you, not COMPLETES you; you are whole already. Leave that jerry Maguire shit to the movies.


as for me, can some one give me the number for mr. sandman? i have a bone to pick with him. it is friggin' 3:40 in the damn morning and he stood me up yet once again. mudder packer...

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