Monday, April 07, 2003

beautiful woman part 2

ish's thoughts on a beautiful woman...

KillerCapoeira: I think that it has to do with my love of strong forceful, sporty, Tomboyish women
Alfie says: they are more assertive... less girly but definitely womanly
KillerCapoeira: Yesssssssss!
KillerCapoeira: I guess that I just find people who defy stupid cultural norms to be hella sexy!
KillerCapoeira: Especially those that tell you that you must be weak, submissive and waste your time painting your face when it is already more vibrant than the sun!
KillerCapoeira: I'm tellin' you, that's that shit! I wanna girl who can be dope even after civilization collapses! If you need three entire industries in order to show your beauty, something is wrong!

so then i asked my other friends- what makes a woman beautful?

faith santilla: maturity
faith santilla: all her experiences bad and good

kittie1527: :-)

ARCHON236: i just think discussing shit without getting personal is sexy
ARCHON236: so in summation...the ability to rap without getting personal and long straight hair are but a small facet of what makes a woman beautiful
ARCHON236: and no weed makes them beautiful too

boys will be boys
SmoothEddy: big breasteses

PorkJELLO: plastic surgery
Alfie says: dork
PorkJELLO: ok
PorkJELLO: scratch last answer
PorkJELLO: what makes a woman beautiful
PorkJELLO: um
PorkJELLO: huge knockers?

RJesena: nice eyes
RJesena: a nice rack
Alfie says: ew
Alfie says: i am not putting that on the blog
RJesena:whew, thank god.

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