Friday, November 22, 2002


picture courtesy of my cheap ass izone camera


it has been a long and difficult ten months. life has really tested our faith and love of my family. and now i am so relieve to say that the test is finally over! my dad's back!!! i just want to thank all who have been there for me- those who held me when i cried, those who prayed with me. those who listened to me vent when i was going thru those "bad days". those who helped me see the brighter things in life. those who were concerned with me. those who punched me in the kidneys and told me to "suck it up! be a man!" (butthead)

i owe it all to you for keeping me together. my family is very very important to me and we are very close. when one suffers, then we all suffer.. i am so glad to have him back in time for the holidays.

my father lost 60 lbs. i sat there and wondered if they even fed him. he spent his days working in the library, taking computer classes, taking art classes and working out. i can only imagine on what exactly he reflected on and what revelations he came to.

my mother and father is so cute together. they spent the whole time holding hands and father said he is taking my mom out on a date tomorrow night. some people cringe when they see their parents all lovey dovey but i actually like it. it gives me hope that a love like that still exists.

the big hole:::..

since we were at arizona, my family and i went to the grand canyon. i have never been there before so i was pretty excited. my mother called it the "big hole". i had to sit there and explain to her how the grand canyon formed and i got from her, "ohhhh, dat iz how? dat's amaaaazing." that and "hoy! dun't stahnd too clowse to da ehdge! you gonna pall down!"


where do these people live who work at gas stations along the highway? they are definitely a select breed of people. there is no residential area in the horizon as far as the naked eye can see. and you figure that if they work on the highway on the daily, they would have seen it all! i mean, come on. what is so wierd about seeing loud-talking petite pilipina women, a gothic son that looks like he can wrestle in the wwe, a pilipino dad with tattoos all over his arms, a hip hop dancing chic sporting a beanie and corduroys in the arizona heat, and me? i am sure they have seen something more bizarre than the likes of us!

wheel of fortunata turns yet again::..

well, it never fails. my life is a series of checks and balances. just as i am celebrating that some one dear to me is back into my life, i just found out that someone i was getting to know is leaving. the winds of change is taking him some place far away from me. i wish him all the best and i only want good things for him but i won't lie and say it doesn't bum me out. i was beginning to really enjoy his company .but deep down inside i knew his leaving was a probablity but i took the chance in getting to know him anyways. yes, i understand i am talking cryptic but i am really careful as to what i say when it comes to my being smitten only cuz i know some of you reading may know him. blaaaaaaaaaah! i know i am in good hands and i have good faith that the God has huge plans for me. things happen for a reason. and if you don't believe in destiny then how about this... nature always accomplishes her goals; she just does it in her own time... thus, i let nature naturally happen...

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