Wednesday, November 06, 2002

feeling kinda funky::..

well, it has happened. the republicans has taken over the house. i had a real meloncholy feeling when i was going to the ballots. don't get me wrong. it is my DUTY to vote but too many times before have propositions passed that shocked the living shit out of me. Prop 187... Prop 204. i was feeling like my vote is NOT heard. it is said that the voting turnout was at an all time low yesterday. wtf, people??? don't people know how important it is to vote LOCALLY? that is shit that directly affects us on a daily basis.

and look at the foolios i had to choose from. bill simon and gray davis. simon doesn't know ish and davis didn't do ish! i voted for camejo (spelled his name wrong earlier, shame on me) just to make a statement. dave here at work was telling me how gung-ho he was at wanting to reform california politics. simon refused to be in a political debate with him because he knew he would rip him to shreds.

so now the republicans have control of the congress. more backing for bush... yay.

there has to be checks and balances in our system. bush is already going ammock. so many people i talk to don't agree with (as kat puts it) the wrath of the rich white cowboy but why the hell is he getting more power and more backing?

on a lighter note::..

it is official. we now have an asian/pacific island radio show at kpfk 90.7!! ((( doing the dance))). how exciting is that??? it comes right after the divine forces show which targets progressive to open to progressive hip hop heads. i went to the meeting last night so we can talk about the format of the show. it was frustrating because here we have a blank canvas, a very very very powerful vehicle, and we all have so many ideas. in the next few weeks, we shall be fine tuning the show. last week was the first show. phloe did a great job hosting the show! bambu was there as the guest artist! kat was there too and they all said it was sooo much fun.

we are all planning to be there on friday night as well (more like saturday early morning) so tune in....90.7fm at 1am-3am right after divine forces! ashkan and i will definitely roll up to the spot!!!

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