Monday, November 25, 2002

this picture cracks me up! caine's a foolio. wessiiiiide!

been away for a week and i come back to beau coup pile of work work work!!! i have to vent... (((( screaming ))). i have to design a corporate magazine for this promo package for their upcoming tradeshow. not only do i have tons of work but the air conditioner broke and it is blowing dry hot air around! damn. i can't wait till i get to the gym tonight and sit in the sauna.

my weekend synopsis::..

1. haven't seen my mom and dad this weekend... they are "dating".. hehehe..

2. had lunch with kat on friday since i had the day off. we saw raphael saadiq trying to be low key with a big leather fedora hat and an orange shirt. we sat down and started making plans towards our dreams of being entrepreneurs in the community arts. we got big dreams, my people. watch out for us cuz we are going to make it happen. i am ready to open my own business.

3. had dinner with A on friday night. jambalaya, white lights, outdoor heating lamps and melrose ave were never so comforting. shouldn't have told him i was ticklish too. he used that to his advantage. blah!

4. lil sis and i had a girls day out. went shopping at the beverly center and shopped for girly stuff. we talked.. alot... so proud of my sister. she has dreams in becoming a forensic criminologist ( i can't even spell the damn word.) she loves all that- solving crimes, putting evidence together. blood and death does not scare her. red dragon was an exciting movie for her. more power to her. she is such a beautiful young lady.

5. painted all saturday night. i turn many of my poems into paintings now. i'll start writing again. right now, painting is taking alot of my energy and i have to ride that wave.

6. had a great meeting with the team i am working with in regards of the small press publication company we are starting. held the meeting at the los angeles county museum of arts. apple turnovers and machiattos. schedules, dates, and contacts. exhibits, field trips, and the mysterious man with the long hair and shades sitting across from me. oh, and i kept hitting the snooze button on my biological clock. kept going off everytime huge lines of five year old kids kept passing me by. in due time, my womb and heart.. in due time..

7. picked up caine from the airport. had some brazilian food at bamboo on venice blvd. milanese steak was the bomb. it was the official meal that broke my apple/tea fast for the weekend. we were both being sappy virgos. we talked about unrequited love. blah. at least venting it out helped us out. any good women out there? i have a few good men that i want to set you up with!

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