Friday, September 20, 2002

gotta give sakura top billing

okay, it is 139 am and it has been way past my birthday. i am a bit drunk ( and let me tell you, this NEVER happens but when you have drink after drink coming towards you, you cant refuse. plus i was on benedryl and my normal limit is two drinks) but i have to tell you about my night. plus it would be kinda cool to read it at a very rare moment as to me being a bit tipsy/

okay, so no real plans were made becauze bambu had an industry party. i was mad excited and i was telling EVERYBODY about it. but i was also a bit sad because my bday plans were unravelling before my eyes. people were bouncing out, making other plans,and what not. but i figured that , hey, it was for the good of my friends and i slapped my bottom lip into a smile. there was always saturday!

so carlo, dj, and me were walking down the street when she paused and said she had to call her mom. she said her phone died and she lead me to this local mexican restaurant to use the pay phone. she finished her call, came up to me, near tears and said "follow me". i hella thought something terrible had happened. then i started praying to God. i mean, first my dog gets sick, then my sister's car got stolen yestrday and then this. i really thought this was a crappy bday!

then, i hear SURPRISE! and a sign that said "industry showcase relocated here."

i sooooo friggin' love them. every bad thing that happened in the past two weeks had just turned right! afterwards, we went to boardner's to dance and well... drink some more.

side note:i RAAAAAAAAAARELY drink. that place had too much stimuli for my mind to handle...

so here i am , damn feeling good and sooooooo blessed to have such beautiful souls around me. i love you kat and dj for spearheading this and making me sad at first only so you can surprise my ass. cuz you know us virgos are analytical so if you even gave me an incling to what was going on, it would have been over.

i love you brian, caine,melanie, cheryl, wendal, carlo, ashkan, faniks, belle, johneric, don, and bambu ( for calling and showing up at the club loooooong after we left hhhahahh)....i love you kkarma for the wonderful inpiring note you wrote me. i love you captain for keeping my chin up and hearing me vent. and i love you, miko for the beautiful art piece and being a great best friend. i love you moonie and lovella for just being there for me thru out the years. i love you zoe and for anybody who friggin reads my blog and even care what joys or shit i go thrue. i love you mom, dad, allen and anna for being just a wonderful supporting family and being bad ass at the same time.i love you god for blessing me and with people who strengthen me day by day so that i can handle anything that is thrown my way. i love you all who couldnt make it but remind what truly counts in life.

and guess what.. simon can see better!!! that almost made me pee my pants!!! my dog is getting some of his vision back!!!

ok, that is the rambling of a blubbering, sobering up, woman. enjoy it while you can cuz this wont happen often...

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