Sunday, September 22, 2002

sippin'- caramel frappacino ( i know, bad alfie)
chatting- with arndawg about the de la hoya/vargas fight and ric about experimental/junkyard hip hop
loungin'- at my parent's house
thinkin'- about how blessed i am born into this family, love and issues and all...

relevation #1:
back in 97, grampa cecilio died. he was my dad's father.he was the last of the grandparents to have passed on. my father took the news with stride, saying he is in a better place and now he watches over us. that same day,my father chopped down a big tree in our front yard. he chopped it down until it was nothing but a mere stump. i asked my father why he had done that and he said it was so that the grass underneath it can grow; the leaves had grown so much that the grass underneath had died in patches because of the lack of sunlight. i knew he did it out of grief because if it was just the case of lack of sunlight, he would have just trimmed the branches down.

i came home today to have found a tree, striving in the same spot. the roots were not dead and life goes on. new beginnings, my people. strong roots bear a strong foundation, my people....

revelation #2:
don't go hip hop dancing with skate shoes. they are too heavy and you grip the floor too much. you end up with sore calves in the morning. just looking out for you, my people...

they found my sister's car (or what was left of it) in compton. they gutted it. took the interior, the engine, and the hood. they did leave her school books and a few of her belongings (what sweet bastards). her car was taken from her college campus while she was in class from 930am to1230pm.WHILE SHE WAS IN SCHOOL!
goes to show that you are never safe, even if you are in

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