Thursday, September 19, 2002

thanks Captain, for the birthday compliments! i needed the pick-me-up. too sweet you are!


happy bday to me

random bday thought:::
yep, as of 9:32am, pacific time, i am now 29. wow. where has the time gone? this morning at midnight, i stayed awake. i couldn't sleep. i didn't feel depressed because i was a year older. in fact, it really is not depression; i dont know what it is. i didn't feel like i wasted any time. i didn't feel not loved. it was the most oddest feeling and i couldn't pinpoint it. i feel young and love my life. i have accomplished so much in the past few years that i am actually surprised with myself and thank God i was given these oppurtunities. i am surrounded by many people who support me and love me so it couldnt mean that i was feeling lonely.

rather than trying to find out what was bothering me, i started counting my blessings. slowly but surely i started to feel at ease, at peace. whatever is bothering me shall show itself when i am ready. dada told me that my calling is coming and i need to prepare for it. maybe that is what i am ready for... my calling...

random bday thought 2:::
well, today, i am going to an industry showcase that bambu is performing at. kat hooked that up for him. there is going to be alot of industry folks up in the spot. (( sending mad positive vibes))
aftewards, we are going to Palms restaurant where there is a Thai Elvis impersonator. dj says she is driving because according to her, "peeps are going to be buying you drinks all damn night, whether you like it or not." wonderful... a belligerant-damn-near-30-artist-eclectic-waiting-for-her-calling woman roaming in the streets of la (in her friend's passenger seat)... watch out now.

random bday thought 3:::
happy belated first born day to sakura taina, kkarma's pride and joy. if you remember some months back, i had an ultrasound of her on my page, with her fist already raised to the air. like mother, like daughter. congrats, kkarma! this is a new chapter in your life and it is just so beautiful!

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