Sunday, April 05, 2015

Viva La Muxer Art Show at MOLAA

On March 7th, I was honored to be part of a huge art show celebrating International Women's Day at the Museum of Latin American Arts. This was a huge art benefit for Las Fotos Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated in educating disenfranchised young women the art of photography. 

This one night event was packed with art, vendors, music and entertainment. I am truly thankful to be part of this show and to be have showcased my work in a museum.

A "check how my face looks before walking in" Selfie in the car

The projected sign on the wall before checking in

The many sponsors and media sponsors

Before the rush of people, I got a chance to take a pic of my piece which was hanging at a great spot. You can see it right when you walked in. Blessed.

My good friend, artist and curator, Antonio Pelayo

Jumakae and Christina in front of Jumakae's piece


Claudia Cox

Celerina Pelayo

Wicked Eyes

Elizabeth Paravicini

Maritza Torres

Erica Friend

Melissa Lydell

Media coverage by the Getdown Collective, sponsored by GoPro

DJ of the night is Gingee


Roxy Arana

Part of the outdoor layout where the live performances took place

Vendors were at the outside

Overall the event was a smashing success. Maybe too successful. There was a 2 hour wait for food and it was so crowded that there were not a lot of spaces to sit. But for shows like that, attendance is important and with each person paying entry to get in, the money raised goes to a great cause!

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